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Why the Dante

1. Flexibility
•    The Dante Alighieri Johannesburg offers individual or group tuition, from complete beginners to advanced, with flexible scheduling.
•    Classes are held at the Dante Alighieri School in Houghton, or at your premises (work or home).
•    Our private lessons are tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual student.
•    Our corporate classes are delivered following an assessment of the company’s training objectives and of the staff to be trained.

2. Efficiency
•    Teaching expertise.
•    Competitive pricing: the Dante Alighieri Johannesburg is a non-profit organisation and our prices are thus extremely competitive. No government-accredited language training companies can beat our prices.
•    The latest technology: Our classrooms are equipped with interactive aids to enhance our students’ learning. Our free e-learning support platform allows learners to revise what was learnt in the classroom or to catch-up on any classes missed. Links to other online learning activities are also provided.

3. Reliability
•    Qualified teachers
•    Exam centre for internationally recognised Italian language exams: The Dante Alighieri Johannesburg is the only institution in Johannesburg through which it is possible for students to write the PLIDA exams – Italian language exams recognised internationally both as indicators of language proficiency and for the purposes of entrance into Italian universities.
•    The Dante and its teachers are monitored by an Education Official sent by the Italian government.
4. Respectability
•    Internationally recognized centre of learning
•    Internationally recognised exams
•    The Dante Alighieri in Johannesburg was established in 1927

5. Selection:
•     Private tuition
•    Group tuition
•    Tourist Italian course
•    Corporate classes

6. PLIDA certification:
•    While PLIDA exams are optional, PLIDA Certification is officially recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (n. 1903 of 4 November 1993), by the Ministry of Labour and Welfare (decree of 18 October 2002) by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (11 February 2004) and is issued with the scientific approval of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome (29 June 2004).
•    In accordance with the Ministry of the Interior decree of 4 June 2010, all foreigners who wish to obtain a long stay residence permit (PERMESSO DI SOGGIORNO DI LUNGA PERMANENZA) in Italy must demonstrate their knowledge of the Italian language: those who have already obtained the PLIDA Certificate level A2 (B1, B2…) are exempt from language tests organized by the Prefectures.
•    Level B2 PLIDA certification is also a prerequisite for university entrance in Italy.

7. Community:
•    Joining the Dante Alighieri Society as a member allows you to utilise our expansive library of Italian books as well as coming to our cozy cinema room to watch any of our Italian films. Membership also gives you discounts to events organised by the Society. Students who enrol in our courses automatically become members of the Society for the year of their course.