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Welcome to La Società Dante Alighieri Johannesburg


The Dante Alighieri is an institute tasked by the Italian Department of Foreign Affairs with the promotion of Italian language and culture around the world.


The Dante Alighieri in Johannesburg offers a wide range of Italian language and culture courses to adults, children, teenagers, and corporates alike.


The Dante Alighieri is the only institute in Johannesburg able to offer  PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri - Dante Alighieri Italian Language Project) certification - an official diploma issued on the basis of on a convention with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the approval of “La Sapienza” University in Rome; the PLIDA diploma is also recognized by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, and by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research as a qualification for university exemption under particular conditions for foreign students.


Italian language courses

Conversation classes

Cooking courses for adults and children

Cineforum movie nights

Cultural events

Cocktail evenings

Music events

Food & Wine events

Regional events and celebrations


More than 80 years have passed from that long ago 1927, the year in which, by a group of pioneering Italians, the Società Dante Alighieri was founded in Johannesburg - in a portion of land far from our Mother Country, where in 1889 through an initiative of the great poet Giosuè Carducci, those initial foundations of the Dante began.

The 1st article of our Constitution, sought after by the founders, synthesizes our mission – “to tutor and spread the Italian language and culture to the world, reviving spiritual ties with the Mother Country for Italian immigrants, and nourish in foreigners the love and knowledge for the Italian civilization… so the infinite story continues.” 

With great honour we can say that the Dante in Johannesburg is part of an immense family represented in the world by circa 500 branches, 300 000 members and 250 000 students, constituting the most important Italian cultural organization.

The Dante, without any shadow of a doubt, has contributed to discovering the history of Italians in South Africa: the Presidents and the Committees which preceded us, although in very different circumstances, maintained the flame which nurtures the spirit to serve the mission of the 1st article of our Constitution.

Our committee, with humility and pride, but most of all great determination,  has undertaken this mission, and with the help of the Italian and South African community, will stay true to these promises so that “the infinite story”  may indeed be the case.

We therefore turn to you, friends and enthusiasts, so that your support can continue to fuel the revitalizing fantastic energy which will ensure our Society and the Italian culture a prominent position in South Africa.


The Chairman

Gaetano Giudice